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Stephanie Oswald

White Mane Production

Twitter: @stephoswald

If you have any questions about anything, suggestions or comments,please don't hesitate to get in touch!

White Mane Production is a Limited Company created by me, Stephanie Oswald, and I have also created the Blue Moon Film Festival.

I had wanted to start this film festival for a long time, and after looking at other initiatives such as Bird's Eye View Film Festival and Underwire in London, I decided to create my own festival in Newcastle!

The aim of the festival is to make space for women's voices, to hear and see stories told by women (the media and film industries are widely dominated by white men) and ultimately to encourage all women to be more confident in expressing themselves and being creative.

I ran the festival in 2014 and it was massively successful. Unfortunately I was not able to run the festival in 2015, but I am planning on running it in the autumn 2016. I am always happy to get new ideas so if you have any programming ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch :-)

Also, part of the motivation behind this festival, and the reason why I chose to have it on in Oct-Nov 2014, was because of the very fabulous North East Feminist Gathering which took place on 11-12 Oct 2014: